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LOUIS PATENOTTE french hawaiian fretless 1930s


Guitare ancienne hawaïenne à forme Ovale, modèle Sonora

Fabriquée dans les années 30’s à Mattincourt, dans les Vosges en France, haut lieu de lutherie française.

Réalisée par LOUIS PATENOTTE, un pilier de la lutherie française de cette époque.


Historic antic Hawaiian guitar with oval body, Sonora model

Made in the 1930s in Mattincourt, in the Vosges ,  France, a major place of French music instruments making.

Made by LOUIS PATENOTTE, one of the french greatest instruments maker.

There is no longer a label inside, but the instrument can be recognized by its head, its hole decoration (inlaid ebony circles) and the woods used: Vosges pine for the table (solid), back and sides in solid maple.

Thetuning machines are not original.

the same kind of instrument (a PATENOTTE / Lucien GELAS model) stay in the Museum of French music instruments Making & Archery in Mirecourt-Vosges-France

It is fretless, the action is higher than a “normal” guitar as it is also popular for “Hawaii” type slide play and does not have problems to play as it is fretless.

The sound is warm, exotic, original and unique.

A particularly rare instrument , research for collectors.

Some signs of wear and minor knocks, cracking restored on the table and the sides, but in good condition considering its age. Please pay attention to the details.

to listen the sound :

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